17 August 2008

Some South Korean transpeople

As I will be headed for Seoul before long, I am picking up an obscene amount of South Korean trivia on Wikipedia.

This includes LGBT people, under the Wikipedia category shown below. There are four entries, and aside from Hong Seok-cheon, who is a gay man, all the entries are transwomen (though none are lesbians, I am afraid).

These will be the people I will be paying attention to during my stay. I doubt Sarah would hear about these people though, when she first flies into Seoul in 2000 (when legal gender changes were not even possible).

Wikipedia: LGBT People from Korea


PoozyBear said...

Hi Rach! Just wanted stop in and say "Hello," and let you know that I'm still here and reading your blog. I hope you have a wonderful time on your retreat, and that you find plenty of time to write.

I'm still stuck with writer's block, but my depression is lifting, and my characters are starting to call to me. I'll be writing again soon. Hope to see you in future classes!


Rachel said...


Thanks for checking in! Let's keep in touch!

Glad to know that your novel is slowly waking up from its slumber.