15 April 2008

More Thoughts on Transamerican Love Story

I wasn't enjoying enough privacy to watch it in peace... so had to wait till now and watch two episodes in a row. I finished Episode 5 - still playing catch-up.

It's just heartbreaking to see all the fights the guys are having, cutting each other down for the littlest things. Jim was certainly getting a live lesson in male psychology (and I know it's not a pretty thing)! When it hit a point where Calpernia herself was breaking down, I knew it was too much.

Mark was the least cooperative and the most combative of the bunch, and I was relieved to see him leave at the end of Episode 5.

I can't wait to find out how the Vegas trip with the suitors' parents, and the finale, unfold. I look forward to a Season 2, with a different transwoman, and hopefully a batch of bachelorettes competing for her. For now, I have to stop watching, if I am to have any meaningful sleep.

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