07 April 2008

Class starting up

As previously mentioned, I am taking two online writing courses, both with UCLA Extension.

The memoir structuring/outlining class with Lisa Dale Norton has just been activated, and I just made the class's very first post, in the form of my self-introduction. I went through the syllabus, and it indeed is the class I am looking for - less about writing/workshopping an actual memoir, more about coming up with a proposal for a book-length memoir through a thought-provoking set of exercises. The same exercises should be as equally applicable to Sarah and her fictional life, as they will be to me and my actual life.

I am really glad to be in this class, and looking forward to ten intense and exciting weeks ahead. I hope my enthusiasm will not dampen in the weeks ahead. For now, I will go through the notes and classwork from my previous class with Lisa, which took place way back in Fall 2005 and gave me a 5,000-word memoir. In addition, Lisa will also have a memoiring guide published in August, and I plan on buying a copy.

Next week, the intensity will go up a notch when Writing for Social Change, with Gayle Brandeis, comes online. I will look forward to its structure and exercises when they come alive.

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