07 April 2008

Another trans site

Here's a site that I've known of for a long time, but lost track of recently.

Transsexual Road Map is a wonderful, comprehensive information site for those who are transitioning anywhere on the male-to-female track, as well as those who need information due to the transition of their loved one. It's probably the best trans information site out there today, and has some Los Angeles-specific information as well, which will help me too. Most importantly, all information is available at no cost, though donations are welcome.

Speaking of Los Angeles, the site says it's a great place in general to transition. I would agree to a degree - unless you are from one of the city's numerous homophobic ethnic groups, in which case the whole city can feel like a hellhole. Rumors of your sightings spread through your community like wildfire, and your family/friends will be humiliated. Count me in this category.

The site is run by none other than Andrea James of Deep Stealth Productions, who is also advising her business partner Calpernia Addams in the reality show Transamerican Love Story. In fact, I re-discovered this site from Andrea's Facebook profile (I just befriended her there).

Transsexual Road Map

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