25 February 2008

Back in California

Yesterday was my flight back to California, once again on a United 757 in first class.

The purser was once again male (middle-aged African-American this time), assisted by an older white woman. Back in the economy cabin, I could see another black flight attendant, as well as an Asian one. A very well-mixed flight crew!

This being an early morning flight, breakfast was served. Breakfast meal service was not as elaborate as lunch service; appetizer and dessert were skipped, leaving only the main course and some rolls of bread. I was so hungry, even after the first class meal, that I had to go buy lunch upon arriving home.

After the sleepless night, I got some sleep, but even with the extra recline of the first class seat, still not enough sleep. Seat pitch was a measly 38", barely more than the 36" in Economy Plus, and as a result, the seats didn't recline all that much. At least I got to cross my legs - impossible in 31" Economy Minus, where I normally sit.

Speaking of the economy sections, shortly after takeoff, the purser asked Economy Minus passengers not to take any Economy Plus seats, since those seats cost more. I know the real reason why passengers shouldn't switch seats - the weight balance of the aircraft. But I thought the announcement could've put a surly Economy Minus passenger or two into air rage.

When the front galley/cockpit wire barrier went up, one of the flight attendants played with it, "shocking" herself by touching the barrier, to amuse first class passengers. Now, let me see if I can visualize Sarah doing the same. (I also need to find out if these barriers are also present in other aircraft.) Martha is too bitter to have that kind of sense of humor, I am afraid though. (Also, the barrier probably didn't exist pre-9/11, when Martha was actually alive and flying.)

Despite the deficiencies, it was still a nice flight, and I was glad to see that my bag was the first out onto the baggage claim carousel. It is sweet to be a first class passenger.

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