23 December 2007

A few more photos

I did not take too many photos today. Here are the two that have anything to do with the novel.

From the Unitarian Universalist Church of Berkeley, I could get this wonderful view of the Golden Gate, topped off by the bridge. I had not realized that the church back courtyard had such a great view!

I met with many church members, some of whom remembered me from my previous visit on New Year's Eve last year. They all loved to hear that their church was going to take part in my novel, and wished me luck.

Afterwards, I headed for Concord, to check out my former hangouts - to really put myself back into the mentality of a Bay Area resident. All sorts of good memories - and bad - came back to me, as I drove the familiar streets of Concord (and visited the North Concord BART Station and Sun Valley Mall, two places I had frequented as a resident), and I need to translate some of them into Kirsten's memories in Berkeley. (Speaking of Kirsten, I wore one of her looks today - a tweed miniskirt suit.) No photos from Concord, though I was pleasantly surprised to see a move-in special at my former apartment, and my former unit vacant - as if it wanted me to move right back in.

A 50-minute drive brought me down to San Jose, where I ended up at this nondescript boutique. This is Carla's, Northern California's premier crossdresser boutique, where Sarah picks up her breast forms and wig as she starts to live as a woman in 1995. Of course, it was closed today, but I was glad to have found it. I was on my way to The Tech, located nearby.

I am not expecting much tomorrow either, as I will spend it mostly in Sacramento. But before I leave on Tuesday, I will tour a few novel sights. For now, time to kick back and relax.

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