01 November 2007

Travel plans again

As my novel class with Masha Hamilton winds down, and as the long weekends and the holidays loom ahead, I am starting to think of another return to the San Francisco Bay Area.

I've been returning to the Bay Area at 8-month intervals, and the last planned return was to be over this past Labor Day, with a side trip to the redwoods of the far north of California. However, that was scrubbed, and it's been a while since my last actual visit, which was over New Year's Weekend (which included a wild New Year's party with CodePink).

Thanksgiving and Christmas weekends look fine to me at this time, and Christmas will be the more likely choice. I will be better situated to visit both the Unitarian church in Berkeley, and the crossdresser boutique Carla's (where Sarah buys her wig and breast forms for the early days of womanhood), if I choose to go for Christmas weekend. I also want to revisit a few other novel sites. (Of course, the trip to Redwood National Park will still have to fit in somewhere...)

I'll start checking my schedule to see what works out best for me.

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