07 September 2007

A paraphernalia for Sarah

Right now I am doing exercises for Masha Hamilton's writing class, and it's putting me back in the mood - a good thing.

As I went over my accumulated material, I went Websurfing and came up with the following image:

(Original image at this location - courtesy of United Airlines)

I just need to visualize Sarah wearing the pin, and putting the bumper sticker on her Beetle. Her five-year flight attendant stint takes place during arguably the most turbulent period in United Airlines' history, complete with bankruptcy and all. There has to be a lot of stress over the fear of layoff, as well as renewed confidence as Sarah survives each round due to her language and customer service skills. It will be truly devastating though, when Sarah is canned for good in 2004.

In particular, right now, I am picturing Sarah walking around the streets of Seoul in July 2003, wearing the pin, to emphasize that she is on work assignment. This was her worst assignment ever, worthy enough to be a chapter on its own. Sarah, of course, ends the assignment on a triumphant note - and that is the confidence I need to carry into my novel-writing, as I picture Sarah and her pin.

Looking forward to writing a few more scenes, primarily related to her flight attendant duty.

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