22 May 2007

Something to check out in Chicago...

Flight 727 at Museum of Science and Industry

As I explore Chicago this coming weekend, I will try to visit the Museum of Science and Industry.

Although I have visited this museum before (alongside the Sears Tower) during my only other visit to Chicago (a six-hour layover in '97), I would like to go back, to take a new look at Flight 727. It is an actual United Airlines Boeing 727 whose innards I can inspect, in order to learn about the physics of flight.

Sarah starts her flight attendant duty in 1999; at that time, United was still flying a good number of 727s, and I want to put her in a few of them for training flights and initial assignments. The 727s kept flying, until 9/11 and the resulting decrease in passengers forced United to ground them late in 2001. If I remember correctly, had United done better financially, these fuel guzzlers would have stayed in service through 2005.

The 727 was a favorite of pilots, but absolutely hated among flight attendants, due to the outdated, aging galleys and other features. I definitely want to explore the galleys and take a few photos, and picture Sarah working there.

I hope to come away with a few inspirations.

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