21 May 2007

Hitting the Road Again

I'll be on the road again, exploring the Chicago area during the long weekend.

Since Sarah spends some time in Chicago in order to train to become a flight attendant, I'll be able to trace her footsteps again. However, given that the actual training is in Elk Grove Village, just beyond O'Hare Airport, whereas I will be downtown around the Magnificent Mile, I'll be able to only experience Sarah's off-duty hangouts in and around downtown. I will need a car to hang out in Elk Grove Village, and I won't have one during my stay in Chicago (it's just too much money and hassle).

Also, I don't have a functioning laptop. This means I won't be able to actually do any writing. However, I will still have Internet access at my hotel's business center, so I could blog briefly from there.

At least, I will be on Sarah's airline, so I should be able to observe some in-flight procedures and, of course, Sarah's coworkers. I've also requested an upgrade to first class on the return flight, so that I can observe first class procedures as well; I hope the elite-level frequent fliers won't gobble up all available seats.


gayle said...

Have a wonderful time in Chicago, Rachel! Say hi to Lake Michigan for me--I miss it already!

I noticed there is a Freedom Museum downtown, I believe in either the Tribune or Sun Times building dedicated to freedom of speech. I didn't have a chance to explore it when I was in town...Maybe it would be worth visiting?


Rachel said...

Hello Gayle,

Yes, I'm aware of the new Freedom Museum, and it's at the Tribune Tower. Since I will spend quite a bit of time on the Magnificent Mile (shopping for that Sarah look), I'll definitely stop by - and reflect on it on my other blog.

I'll definitely visit your favorite hangout, the Shedd, as well.

Thanks for the warm wishes. I can't wait for the trip.