28 November 2006

Slow Progress - Again

I spent the past Thanksgiving weekend on the road. Between lengthy drives in the daytime and being with my mother in the evenings, I could not do ANY writing on the road.

In addition, as soon as I came back, I was doing 12-14 hours of work a day. When not at work, I was too busy sleeping, trying to shake off the road trip fatigue.

Needless to say, I missed the deadline for this week's assignment - something that I've never done. I had written one scene early this morning, but that wasn't enough, as I needed two scenes. Late submissions get no credit, so I will have to get a zero for the week. Fortunately, I am taking the course pass-fail only - but I am still very upset about this.

Between lengthy workdays (including weekends), family feud, and my pathetic living arrangements in a reactionary suburb, conditions couldn't be worse for working on a novel. I've now decided that I will not be enrolling in any more novel classes until I am in a better living arrangement - namely a private apartment in a neighborhood closer to urban life. At that point, joining writing groups will also be possible, and I expect to get a much better feedback from people.

In addition, I will make sure to take more of those writing trips to San Francisco, Seattle, and Vancouver (and possibly elsewhere) - and instead of just blogging and brainstorming, I will actually get some writing done while away. I hope the Christmas trip to San Francisco - my third writing trip there - will work out.

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