18 November 2006

A few thoughts from the class

I had to write two climactic scenes from my novel as this week's assignment. So far, I've written one - the re-write of my September 11th scene which I had sent off to Epinions.com last year.

Sarah loses her lover Martha on Flight 93, and the sheer sorrow and anger she feels, especially toward W and the Muslim community, really shake me. So much, that I couldn't bring myself to write the other climactic scene right away (I will wait until tomorrow).

But I am glad that I am getting the groove back on my writing, after having lost it back in the spring. And this may be the most important thing - to enjoy writing once again. This is something that all the traveling I did to the Bay Area and the Pacific Northwest couldn't achieve (though those trips gave me some inspirations, so they were not wasted).

I am hoping to enjoy the rest of my writing, and hopefully return to the Bay Area again during the Christmas week.

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