05 October 2006

Some Las Vegas afterthoughts

It's been days now, but I spent the past weekend in Las Vegas. My primary reason for the trip was to attend a Mariah Carey concert, but I also managed to squeeze in some shopping as well.

Mariah Carey has many monikers - most recently Mimi, but she's also been known by her initials MC and many other names as well. I want to add another moniker: Lady Luck. Why? Because I've always had good luck whenever I tried to see her, and because I did very well at the blackjack table right before the concert, when the casino PA system was playing her songs nonstop. (My luck evaporated when the music was switched to other artists.) Maybe this luck needs to rub off onto my novel in some way, as my novel hasn't had much luck lately.

For a while, I wanted to make Kirsten a Mariah Carey fan. Now, it's official - she will be one. I need to come up with the circumstances that make Kirsten appreciate, and identify with, Mariah and her music. Kirsten's own mixed-race background could do the trick, as could the very confusing teenage years as she struggled with her sexuality. She would've listened to such inspirational songs as "Make It Happen" and "Hero" during those years, and would've been moved - especially by "Hero." I may even make her cry when listening to those songs - because I do! And what about Sarah? She won't be a fan, but listening to Mariah will be a pleasant reminder of her beloved Kirsten, especially during work assignments, especially the hostile one to Seoul (which is a chapter on its own, and has other Kirsten reminders).

On to shopping - I had an opportunity to further define my style, by adding badly needed boots and sneakers to my shoe collection, and by buying a demure A-line skirt and a tunic blouse that works as a minidress. I think Kirsten will be the one who inherits my sense of style (or lack thereof) for the most part, though Sarah will not differ too much (i.e. her tunics are plain shirts/sweaters and more retro 1980s, whereas Kirsten's are dresses). I'll see how the styles fan out.

Class starts next week. I hope to be able to put out some usable material.

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