04 September 2006

Thoughts from Vancouver

I've been too busy sightseeing (and too tired yesterday, sleeping it off) to do novel work during the Labor Day weekend, which I've been spending in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Vancouver is a city founded by the English, and it's much easier to run into someone of English stock than back home. Think fair skin, light hair, and blue or green eyes. And they look better too, compared to their relatives in London. I've seen very good-looking English women on the streets of Vancouver, and even though none of them were extra-tall (or transgender, as far as I could tell), they still reminded me of what Sarah could possibly look like.

I tried out three different looks on myself as I went sightseeing in Vancouver. There was the black miniskirt suit, which is almost a trademark for me - and for Kirsten. I also did another Kirsten look today - the sheer white minidress with a tee and black footless tights, the look that I had done back in May in the Bay Area. Yesterday, however, I did a look which I think is closer to Sarah - the same footless tights, but with a long white belted shirt (which I purchased here in Vancouver) instead. Sarah will love wearing long shirts and sweaters as dresses, and pairing them up with footless tights/leggings (or some other type of hosiery), as a "revenge" for not having been able to wear that look as a teen. Now I have two related, yet different fashion philosophies, ones that both reflect my personal preferences but yet are different enough to be "assigned" to different characters.

Already, my Vancouver weekend is over. The city was indeed a very nice place to be - for the most part. It's worthy of being a future home for me, I can even dare to say. I will definitely miss this place. Just like London calls for Sarah and Kirsten, Vancouver will continue to call for me for a while.

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