07 September 2006

More changes for Kirsten

Kirsten is my alter ego, and reflects many of my preferences and beliefs. So I want to make sure that she continues to do so.

Back in February, I decided that Kirsten will drive a Saab, instead of a BMW. This was due to BMW's affinity to Pope Benedict, and Saab's far more gay-friendly corporate policies and advertising. At that time, I had started to look at non-BMW vehicles myself, and although I have returned to the BMW brand due to its engineering, Kirsten will certainly not.

Now, Kirsten's trademark miniskirt suits may have to go. I've been alerted to a new ABC drama, originally branded a "documentary," that is a partisan smear job at the Clinton administration, blaming it for the events that led up to 9/11. It will air on the fifth anniversary, just in time to sway the November elections in the Republicans' favor. Neither Kirsten nor I will stand for this.

The miniskirt suits will have to go because they are linked to Ally McBeal, a character played by Calista Flockhart; Flockhart is now starring in an ABC series, named Brothers and Sisters, as a Republican talk show host named Kitty Walker. And miniskirts also happen to be right-wing transgender commentator Ann Coulter's trademark as well.

I'm putting away my miniskirts, and will be living off of tunics and tights for the most part, like I did in Seattle and Vancouver. Although I could put Kirsten into this look in 2006 (and even late 2005), it won't work so well earlier on, and I need to put together a new trademark look for Kirsten - fast.

Moreover, with Hollywood being a very reactionary industry, I may have to find another industry for Kirsten. I may even have to completely scratch the idea of bringing her down to Los Angeles, because of so many reactionary elements - the aerospace industry, the oil companies, the car culture, the media, the tax revolt, Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, Orange County, Traditional Values Coalition, the Pentecostals, the Korean immigrants, and so much more. It looks like I will have a dramatically changed storyline, at least for Kirsten. (An idea: Kirsten may become a technical writer, and get employment in Seattle instead.) How this will affect Sarah's life - I will have to figure out.

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