08 August 2006

Conked out... and headed for Vancouver

Actually, in terms of novel progress, I've been conked out for months. I've never really recovered from the slump in my previous class.

A quick look at UCLA Extension doesn't show much going on. I would like to repeat Novel III, but with a different instructor, and I don't expect that to happen until the new year.

I'm not just idling by though. I decided that a trip to Vancouver, British Columbia, will be in order, and have just made reservations. Not only is Vancouver the current hometown of Sarah McLachlan, Sarah's namesake and idol, but it's a place that holds hope for me as a possible future home. I need to figure out what draws me to Vancouver (more than a mere "American politics sucks"), so that I can translate that into what draws Sarah and Kirsten to their own Vancouver - in London, England, where the story starts and ends. A lot of journalling, either on or off the blog, will be in order, as I spend my time in Vancouver.

Given my timeframe, I will be flying up again. This time though, I won't be flying Sarah's airline. United did offer a cheap one-stop routing through Sarah's home base of San Francisco, and I would've loved to take that, but it was sold out by the time I booked - so I am flying on Alaska Airlines, a fine airline, but a much less friendly place for someone like Sarah to work at.

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