13 July 2006

Sarah turns 29 today

It's July 13, which I set as Sarah's birthday, after attending a concert by Sarah McLachlan (Sarah's namesake and idol) exactly two years ago today. (In fact, I've been listening to Sarah McLachlan as much as possible today, to mark the occasions.)

Due to the minimum age issue for Sarah's flight attendant job, I switched her birth year from 1980 to 1977, so that she would be able to start the job in 1999. It strained my efforts in explaining her high school years and just beyond, but it should work out better in the end. That makes her 29 today, as opposed to 26.

My novel progress is extremely sluggish at this time, and hasn't quite recovered from the stresses of my Novel III class, even after two attempts at rejuvenation, in the Bay Area and in Seattle. I do have to say, though, that flying on Sarah's airline, to and from Seattle, helped a bit.

I am also reminded that Sarah's own stressful experience - her first work assignment to Seoul - was unfolding exactly three years ago. That chapter will need some editing as well.

Working long hours in the Mojave Desert has been stressing me out, combined with a broken computer. I'll see what I can do in terms of novel progress.

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