07 June 2006

Class Wrapping Up / Seattle

My Novel III class is wrapping up.

I've gotten lots of good tips from classmates and the instructor. However, I don't feel I was as productive as in my previous classes, partly due to the crisis at the beginning of May, and partly because most of the classmates seemed to be at a more advanced stage than I was (and that's what the instructor seemed to be shooting for, too).

Meanwhile, in my main blog, I started mentioning a trip to Seattle which will take place around the 4th of July weekend. In terms of my novel, there won't be as much progress as there was for the Bay Area. The best I can do will be to rejuvenate myself, again.

Specifically, I could be experimenting with various fashion looks that I could give to either Sarah or Kirsten. For example, Kirsten could wear my sweatshirt dress - which dresses her down and makes her look sporty, while keeping her still hyper-feminine. My reactions to the environment surrounding me could also translate right into actions for either of these characters, even though Seattle will not be a setting in the novel. I expect to meet a political activist during my trip, and that could form the basis for Kirsten's own activism.

The most concrete boost to my novel, however, is expected to come from my flights there and back. I've booked on Sarah's airline - for the first time since starting the novel work - and I will be happy to observe the inflight procedures from departure to arrival, as well as what the flight attendants do throughout the flight.

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