13 December 2005

United is hiring...

I've been just told by my classmate that United is hiring flight attendants again.

I went to the United website, and bookmarked the flight attendant recruitment page, for my reference; Sarah would've definitely seen something similar, as she searched for her job back in 1999.

I will need to come up with something that draws Sarah to the profession, and particularly to United. Sure, I have my aviation interests too, but that didn't land me any airline jobs. Something extra will need to happen to Sarah. Of course, living in the Bay Area - a United hub - will make Sarah gravitate toward that airline.

For the first time, I am learning that entering Phase II of the training gets the applicant a $1,500 incentive. Now, I need to know what each phase of the training process entails.

I'll also look out for flight attendant message boards out there to see if I can pick anything else up - whether information is generic, or United-specific.

I have never worked as a flight attendant, and do not have the temperament to ever be one, but I don't want that to prevent me from giving an authentic experience and voice to Sarah.

Lastly, I will need to start a notebook, which will contain all the things about flight attendants and United Airlines that I ever find out. I don't think spilling everything into this blog is a good idea; some things are better kept private.

United Airlines

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