07 January 2011

Sex Advice from Flight Attendants

Life had gotten out of hand for me (including a trip to Hawaii on Sarah's airline!) and novel has been sitting on back burner. But to start 2011 off, I was given this link via a friend on Facebook:


Quite an interesting read. The most important bit of advice is that as flight attendants are adventurous by nature, they have interesting takes on sex life. (Second most important: the "mile high club" is grossly overrated.)

I had some ideas though. I've envisioned Sarah as being unable to let herself free on sexual topics, at least to start off, due to gender confusion and anatomy issues. My longstanding plan was to let Sarah continue to resist her own desires and feelings, even through the relationship with coworker Martha, at least until Martha is tragically killed. The relationship with Kirsten would be the time when Sarah starts to be a sexual being to at least some extent. In fact, having Kirsten help out with Sarah's sexual self-discovery will be a key component to Sarah's story.

But now that I think about it, I think Kirsten's own sexual self-discovery, which I had never given much thought to, will need to be elaborated upon. For Kirsten, growing up in the Bible Belt was not conducive to being honest about one's sexual drive, even had she been heterosexual. I don't think Kirsten would have been able to have a quality relationship even after her move to California, until Sarah. It may be the shared frustration that makes the unlikely pairing happen. Just as Kirsten helps Sarah discover her sexual side, it may as well be Sarah who helps Kirsten discover her own sexual tendencies. And now I need to start figuring out those tendencies - I know some details about Sarah's but don't really have much when it comes to Kirsten's.

(One thought: Kirsten may have a uniform fetish, which may draw her to uniformed people, including, of course, Sarah. And of course, Kirsten most likely has a thing for redheads.)

Another thought is that since Kirsten had been quite suppressed sexually, despite her strong lesbian identity she may have never had experience with female anatomy. Most likely she may have had a few sexual experiences with men, probably in high school or early college, which she would not have enjoyed at all. Sarah would be her first and only quality relationship, and even then, given Sarah's pre-operative anatomy, it would not be until Sarah is post-op that Kirsten actually finds herself doing "muff diving." And to be honest, the push for Sarah's surgery would come as strongly from Kirsten's desire for a "red carpet treatment" as it would come from Sarah's own strong discomfort with her large male anatomy.

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