06 October 2010

Some ideas

A few new ideas came about thanks to discussions with Gil Gillon, AKA the Wandering Gentile, who commented on my previous post. As he is my Facebook friend we had some messages and comments happen on Facebook.

Thanks to him, I am changing the circumstances of Martha's murder. She will still be murdered in New York City, in order to highlight Mayor Rudia Giuliani's transphobia. However, instead of having Sarah hear something at home in San Francisco, I will expect her to hear the news in Chicago on her layover. And just as she tries to get to New York, 9/11 happens and all flights are shut down. She will be forced to scramble for a rental car - Gil's suggestion for a contemporary rental car would be the Oldsmobile Alero (he is extremely knowledgeable about cars) - and driving nonstop to New York, would try to tune in to a news station, most likely WINS 1010, for any updates. I expect Sarah to boil over with anger and hatred at all the murderers, be they the hijackers or Martha's killers, as she drives east - and I expect some of that anger to show in her driving. And as she would be an underage driver, she may find getting a car even more difficult.

I am sticking to using United rather than a fictional airline, however, for good reasons. At least Gil's suggestion for a fictional airline's name was something appropriate: Lambda.

Speaking of Sarah's employer, the United-Continental merger is finalized, and the new United branding will indeed be that of Continental, except for a new sans-serif font being chosen for the "UNITED" titles. I don't know how Sarah will feel about this, as the tulip is such an iconic symbol of United (and a Sapphic symbol for Sarah), but it will be inconsequential as the storyline will be over by the time the merger actually is reality.

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