16 September 2009

Current status

The good news: while I have not really resumed my novel work, I am nevertheless moving forward. I have just started my Kirsten and Sarah combined interview in Los Angeles.

One crazy thing I have already discovered: their child will be named Sanford, and will have Sarah's eyes. In a way, Sanford lives on, as Sarah's baby boy.

I am having this interview take place in the form of me visiting the couple's upscale apartment just west of Koreatown. Initially it'll only be Kirsten and Sanford, with Sarah joining later due to a flight delay. She'll certainly be cursing about the sorry state of United Airlines aircraft these days!

I'm arriving straight from Las Vegas, where I had spent the previous evening at a Mariah Carey concert. (Indeed that was the case on Saturday the 12th, and this interview is dated Sunday the 13th.) That's a sure way to drive up Kirsten's jealousy level (she's a megafan herself), especially after Sarah had told her about seeing my autographed Mariah Carey CD back in Seoul last November. There will be tons of other things to gossip about.

I am keeping the residence a rental apartment, rather than a condo, due to the couple's decision that Southern California will not be an acceptable home for much longer. Relocation plans shall be discussed as well.

Let's see what I end up with.

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