16 July 2009

Quick Updates

My work Internet connection is FUBAR - it may have been targeted by South Korean pro-government hackers, like my laptop. After all, it's unacceptable for them that I support the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell in the US military - oh, the horrors of flaming faggots taking over the God-fearing US Armed Forces and the defense of the hackers' fair country from the Communist Menace.

But in the meantime, the following (in addition to a high-stress day job) have kept me super-busy:
  • Karaoke nights around Los Angeles. I'm really enjoying karaoke - especially when I am starting to get more and more of the female range AND tone.
  • Las Vegas, where I ended up buying a vacation timeshare. Good thing I can afford to spend money on things like this. Could be something to share with my new girlfriend.
  • OutFest, the annual LGBT movie festival in Los Angeles. I had to schmooze with many high-powered LGBT producers in Hollywood, including, of course, transgender icons Calpernia Addams and Andrea James.
  • Even more time with Calpernia, at her new routine, Transfixed, performed with Jer Ber Jones, a drag performer.
My novel seems to be taking a back seat at this time, and I don't expect to be able to enter the UCLA Extension residency at this time. But it was nevertheless priceless to spend Sarah's 32nd birthday, celebrating it with none other than Calpernia, the one who shall play Sarah, should Perfect Girl ever become a movie.

On the aviation front, my airline business simulation is doing nicely, though my approach this time was too conservative, and I am not growing my business as well as I'd like. I did have some nice milestones, however - I co-founded the game's greatest airline alliance, and from my Athens hub, managed to kill a Prague-based competitor and turn Prague into my second hub. Most importantly, a Puerto Rico-based alliance partner is run by someone who lives in Florida in real life, and flew for United Airlines as a flight attendant for 16 years before being forced to retire for health reasons. I hope this person will be a gold mine of information for me - he says he was rated to be an international purser, and at the time of the 9/11 attacks, often indeed worked Flight 175, one of the hijacked flights. Lots of insights that can only be obtained from a real-life coworker of Sarah's - and I'm starting to exchange information. Although I have not told him that Sarah is trans or lesbian, I've told him everything else about her.

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