05 June 2009

Calpernia Addams update

The lovely redhead, who shall be the one to play Sarah should Perfect Girl ever become a movie, has two updates.

First, she did this wonderful interview with San Francisco Examiner, touching upon several key topics, including the rampant California theocracy/homophobia, the recent uproar over a Sacramento radio show encouraging violence against trans children, President Obama's progress (or lack thereof) working for LGBT rights, and of course the looming tenth anniversary of the death of her boyfriend PFC Barry Winchell.

Second, Calpernia announced, on her Facebook profile, that she's been asked to become the Grand Marshal of this year's San Francisco Pride Parade. This will be fantastic, especially since I will indeed be in San Francisco for the festivities. A few Facebook users jokingly commented that since Calpernia's straight, she's not quite the most logical Grand Marshal, but I added another joke comment that I needed to turn Calpernia into a lesbian, if only to cast her in the movie version of Perfect Girl. (Of course, sympathetic straights are very welcome to be Grand Marshals at gay pride parades - the most recent example being talk show host Stephanie Miller at Los Angeles Pride last year.)

I'm very grateful for all the hard work Calpernia does, often in collaboration with her BFF Andrea James. I certainly look forward to running into her again at the San Francisco Pride. (Hoping for a photo op together - it could indeed be the cover for Perfect Girl, with Calpernia as Sarah and me as Kirsten, though Calpernia may be a few years too old for that. :) ) I also hope to help their cause in other ways; if I had a way of hooking South Korea's Harisu up with Calpernia and Andrea on her next US visit, I surely would love to!

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