19 May 2009

Some developments

I'm headed for Toronto in just a few more days. And yes, I am flying Sarah's airline again - and looking forward to it. And with a double elite-qualifying miles promotion at United through the end of June, I may be able to just keep my Premier status into next year!

Also, I decided that in addition to the San Francisco Pride, I will also attend the Los Angeles Pride two weeks prior. I am also working closely with trans and LGB activists around the US and the world closer than ever, relying much on Facebook. (In fact, I was honored to recently have one of the pioneers of the trans movement, Lynn Conway, ask to be my Facebook friend.)

Within DC last week, I had too much fun at Freddie's in Arlington, especially with its karaoke nights. I was able to sing a few different numbers, being able to hit all the high notes - with difficulty the first night, but perfectly fine the second night. There is no way I'll be able to walk into any heterosexual karaoke bar and pull it off, but in a trans-friendly karaoke bar, I should have no problems singing most numbers. My favorite trans nightclub in Los Angeles - Club Shine in San Fernando Valley - is letting its visitors sing starting next month, so I'll definitely be preparing a few numbers. Katy Perry's Sapphic anthem, "I Kissed A Girl," which I once sang back in Arlington, should really do well.

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