28 May 2009

More on that flight to hell + California nightmares

I actually decided that it'd make a lot of sense to write an email to a dedicated elites-only address at United Airlines. I specifically dwelled on how the purser of my flight out of Toronto managed to insult, rather than serve, his customers.

I mentioned that the vast majority of United flight attendants live up to my, and their own, high expectations, and also that I hold air travel and airlines in high regard for bringing different peoples and cultures together, but this one exception has left me quite insulted.

I did not mention that I am writing a novel based at United Airlines, but Sarah was constantly on my mind, as an image of a top-notch United flight attendant, as I wrote that email.

Again, more often than not, the sight of one of Sarah's planes coming into a hostile airport (such as Amsterdam or Indianapolis) to pick me up is a very wonderful thing. I know I am about to get to a better place. My experience out of Toronto shattered that image - primarily because I was flying back to the Los Angeles theocratic hellhole, but also because of the poor service.

My writing mentor, learning of my experience via Facebook, hinted that the purser from hell could easily become a key character in Perfect Girl, throwing challenges into Sarah's line of work. It's definitely a great idea. I do want to push and challenge Sarah to the breaking point. The interview process already does a lot of that, asking how she would handle a hellish coworker like this, but there is nothing like on-the-job challenges.

In any case, I need to return to Sarah very soon. (And have her actually get mad at me for declaring her exhibitionism to the world.) I'm too mad at this point, however, as the California theocratic thugs have not only taken away my civil rights, but also my livelihood. I still have a job and a company but I am no longer able to perform my duties thanks to their false witness (a clear violation of Article #9 of the California Constitution, also known as the Ten Commandments) getting me banned from a major work site of my company. I'll have to work in exile via email while my reps actually do the supervising on-site.

Eventually, I'll have no choice but to part ways with the Holy State of California once and for all, before murdering transpeople will actually earn the murderer some praises and protection from the local police chief, as is done in the Central American hellholes many Californians came from. I don't know how Perfect Girl will shape up, in the wake of Prop 8, its aftermath, and the ever-worsening California theocracy. I've flirted with the idea of relocating Sarah and Kirsten to London, then Vancouver, but eventually dropped that idea. Plus, their marriage is technically heterosexual and legal. But I don't think California makes any sense as the land of the happily ever after. I do want to keep Sarah aboard at United, and Kirsten as well for a US-based employer, but on the other hand, Kirsten can telecommute, and even Sarah could commute to a United hub from a major Canadian city. I'll see what I end up doing.

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