11 April 2009

Travel Plans

Barring any last-minute surprises, I should find myself in San Francisco at the end of June, to witness the 39th Annual Pride Parade. Looking forward to glorious pics of Dykes on Bikes as well as dykes of all descriptions (trans lesbians in particular). A few drag queens, plus studly fags in leather thongs, should be icing on the cake.

I'll be heading for San Fran in my car. I already made sure to take off the dealership license plate frames which identify the vehicle as being from Los Angeles; a Los Angeles-based Hyundai is definitely a reminder of the Korean-American religious extremism, and probably fair game for vandalism. I'll let the Kwan Yin-themed vanity plates do the talking instead.

Before then, I'm seriously considering a Toronto trip for Memorial Day. I've been thinking of one for years, and I guess it's time. To take advantage of elite-level perks, I'll be booking with Sarah's airline. Hoping to find Sarah on board! (Or better yet, hang out with her in Toronto.)

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