09 April 2009

A few more items

First, I came across a women's boudoir photographer, who is based in Portland but travels throughout major US cities for sessions. Her photos give me yet some more ideas on how Kirsten will be staging Sarah's photos. Her cameras and makeup artists have a way of turning even the nerdiest-looking woman into a sex goddess, and I need to see what kinds of work would go into giving Sarah a similar treatment. (Heck, Sarah and Kirsten might even hire a professional photographer themselves, rather than having Kirsten do all the work.)

Rachel Stephens Photography

Second, some thoughts on Las Vegas, where I spent the past weekend, away from the theocratic madness of Southern California. It was a very nice getaway, I must say.

My main blog

Some additional Sarah-related items do need mentioning. I played Rhapsody in Blue again twice, during the drives to/from Vegas, and as I listened, I vowed to get back on one of Sarah's planes sooner than later. A Memorial Day trip to Toronto is starting to look very good to me - even though most likely, my flight will be on a partner airline (Air Canada). Toronto is certainly a special place, as it was the first North American locale to legalize gay marriage. In the fall, I think I'll have to work something out to Europe as well. Asia can take a back seat for now, unless my Seoul routines resume (I don't look forward to that anytime soon, however, thanks to South Korea's government).

I am also planning to visit San Francisco at the end of June, in order to witness and photograph the gay pride parade. I'll be driving, however.

As mentioned in the main blog, I also picked up a very nice, very short American Apparel shirtdress. It has the material and tailoring of a very nice men's dress shirt, and if it weren't for the tie belt and a few inches of extra length (and a slightly more feminine cut), it would indeed be a men's shirt. I do feel that I am making a very Sarah-ish fashion statement in that shirtdress (though Sarah's "shirtdresses" would actually be shirts). While visiting American Apparel, I also picked up two pairs of tights made with organic material; the material is quite supportive, enough to allow me to even go "open-air" like Sarah. (Whether I'm enough of an exhibitionist to go "au naturel" like Sarah, that's a question mark, however.) As I tried my new purchases on, I was constantly thinking of Sarah, as well as the inherent mix of the masculine and the feminine embodied in the shirtdress (which comes out to be very sexy, as a result).

I'll start writing my next Sarah interview soon. I think she'll be very mad at me - for calling her an exhibitionist twice!

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