19 February 2009


Little progress made with Sarah, unfortunately. However, with my folks moving out soon (and me having a place of my own at last), I should have more writing time.

In the meantime, I've done nicely with the airline simulation, and that keeps me happy. The game is currently in early 1998, which means my airline is almost 5 years old. I now have 112 airplanes in service, including many larger, long-range models; instead of leasing my fleet, I am buying at least some of my planes, so that I can lease them out to other airlines for more income and/or use them as collateral for loans for more planes. My reputation is extremely good, thanks to my continual replacement of older planes, and more importantly, my generous treatment of my employees, who now number over 13,000. (This is sure to bring a smile to Sarah.) I now fly over 2,000 flights a week, carrying almost a quarter million passengers and serving every continent except Antarctica. The game still has seven years left, however, during which anything can happen; stronger competitors based in Hong Kong and Beijing (much stronger markets than my Seoul hub) may yet drive me out of business, so I better be careful.

I have a much better understanding of the airline industry, and that's priceless. I do hope that whatever I learn out of this simulation ends up improving the realism of Sarah's work environment at United. Until then, I'll blanket as much of the world as possible, with the mercy of Kwan Yin, using my simulated airline.

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