14 November 2008

More interviews coming up

I really loved writing my dinner interview with Sarah, taking place in Seoul. And I am already thinking of what to include in the Hong Kong interview.

I need to keep this going, if only to get to know my characters better, and end up with an even better novel in the end. To that end, I will continue to write interviews with Sarah, in other places around the world. As I continue traveling to other Asian venues, including Tokyo, Taipei, and Bangkok, I will make sure to write a new interview with Sarah. Even Jeju Island, which I intend to visit in the future and which is certainly NOT on the United Airlines route map, may be fair game.

I will also interview Kirsten in Hollywood, as I need to get to know her a bit better too. Even if this means I have to meet a pregnant Kirsten in a maternity tunic sweatshirt, and even if it means I have to visit her while Sarah is on another foreign assignment, I will do it. I want this to pan out in the form of a sisterly meeting, as if we are twins separated at birth and meeting together for the first time. (In a way, we are!)

Looking forward to many inspirations ahead!

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