16 September 2008

Some Kwan Yin statues

Sarah will learn of Kwan Yin, and her transgender origins, during one of her numerous Asian assignments - most likely Seoul. A Korean co-worker is supposed to explain the significance of Kwan Yin to Sarah.

I went to the National Museum of Korea yesterday, to observe various Kwan Yin depictions and take photos. I shared them at an art blog I contribute at: see below.

Christy's Art Blog

Most were Korean examples from throughout Korea's history, depicting a feminine Kwan Yin in various poses, though there was one Indian male example as well.

There were plenty of beautiful, fashionable Western women sightseeing at the museum. Sarah would've blended right in. In fact, I was constantly thinking of how Sarah would've felt in front of each Kwan Yin statue!

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