06 September 2008

Current events

I'm almost tempted to change Sarah's name, given that the one Sarah who's talked about the most now (and possibly for months, if not years), is Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska. In my other blog, I discussed her reactionary politics, her support of anti-American ideas, and her extremist religious views.

I won't change the name though - one reactionary bitch shall never be the reason for changing Sarah's name - but it's tempting.

Also, today is a major campaign day for both the supporters and the opponents of Proposition 8, California's constitutional gay marriage ban (and a major passionate cause for Sarah and Kirsten). In fact, I just received a call from the Yes campaign, despite all my work for the No campaign. I truly believe that the white liberals that make up the bulk of the No campaign need to go on the offensive and start targeting the conservative immigrants that will probably decide the vote; otherwise, Proposition 8 will pass (and Sarah Palin will be the next Vice President, undeserving as she is).

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