13 August 2008

A retreat for me

I will be leaving the US for at least a month, starting sometime in September. I will be attending a meditation retreat in Seoul, South Korea.

The retreat itself should take only a few hours per day in a secluded scenic neighborhood just north of downtown Seoul. Even after the retreat activities and sightseeing, I see enough time to work on my writing.

I might even come up with new ideas on what Sarah would be doing during her Seoul layovers, as I explore more of the city.

At first, as necessary as this retreat was, I was against it - due to the rampant Confucio-Christian fundamentalism and homophobia in South Korea. But the retreat will have nothing to do with Confucianism, Christianity, or the Moonies, and will be metaphysical/sort of New Age in content. That's why I have agreed to go - and also give myself enough time away from work to concentrate more on my writing.

Hoping to make some good progress during my month-plus in Seoul. As usual, political commentaries (Korean, American, or otherwise) will be on my other blog, and commentaries on writing, transgender, and other relevant topics will be here.

P.S. Regrettably, I will not be flying with Sarah this time. While United offered the cheapest fare to Seoul, I couldn't take it, because I don't know exactly how long my stay will be. United's partner airline, Asiana, did offer me an open-return ticket at a slightly higher fare, and as a result, I will be flying Asiana.


gayle said...

This sounds wonderful, Rachel. I hope it will be a peaceful, fruitful, inspiring time!


Rachel said...


I have high hopes for this trip.

I will make sure to bring a copy of The Book of Dead Birds as a conversation piece, and to read at some of the locales described in the book, such as Busan.

I'll keep you updated from Korea!