12 July 2008

This weekend

I have purchased tickets to two shows at Outfest this afternoon, and will be attending them. There is a trans-themed reception between the two shows, which I will also take part in. (Hoping that either Andrea James or Calpernia Addams will be there!)

I'll then move on to Oxwood Inn to hang out with a great trans crowd one more time tonight.

Tomorrow, it's Unitarian Church again, then in the evening, a panel on writing activism by PEN USA in Brentwood. My mentor Gayle Brandeis will be a panelist. It's also Sarah's 31st birthday - a nice way to mark the occasion.

Next week will be an informational transgender meeting at Oxwood Inn on the 19th at 6PM, with many care providers in attendance. I'll have to miss that, however...

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