21 July 2008

More on Midge Potts

Midge Potts is a transgender woman who is on the front lines of peace activism as part of CODEPINK: Women for Peace. I've mentioned her before on this blog, and since then I've befriended her on Facebook.

Midge has now posted an interview, which she had done last November at Bates College during a visit there, on her Facebook profile. It tells more about her political beliefs (she once ran for Congress as a Republican, but now is a Missouri Green Party activist), as well as why she is so passionate about peace, and why she continues to be active in peace activism.

She says the same thing that I will also say - that CODEPINK has been very receptive to the presence of transwomen in their midst.

Midge is surely an inspiration for me, and for many other transpeople around.

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