27 July 2008

103 notable transpeople

I'm well aware of many of them - though not all. And I've met a good number in person - including transman attorney Shannon Minter, and New York activist Melissa Sklarz.

In the ten years I spent in the trans community, things have improved dramatically for the community members. Legal protections have spread from just Minnesota to at least 12 states (and many other jurisdictions) over those ten years, for starters. It's thanks to these 103, for the most part, that I live a more comfortable life.

I do have to say that I disagree with a few of the choices in the list (nominated and compiled by many different transgender people, by the way), but for minor reasons, and wouldn't deny the contributions they made to the trans community worldwide in any case. For example, I consider Ha Ri Su to be the product of South Korea's Confucio-Christian heteronormativity and the gay male community's response (a trans lesbian, like me, simply has no room existing there), but she was one of the reasons why legal gender changes are even possible in that nation today.

Here's the list:

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