04 June 2008

Good and bad news for Sarah

The bad news first: in addition to 500 job cuts and the retirement of the 30 737-500s previously announced, United Airlines wants to cut about 1,000 more jobs and retire the 64 737-300s (adding up to the entire 737 fleet) plus six of the 747s as well, due to fuel prices. Although Sarah's seniority and job performance should protect her, it will only get worse from now on, as decreased capacity will mean overcrowded planes and irate passengers. The worst part is that even this may not be enough, if the fuel prices continue to climb.

This will shrink United's workforce by 3% and fleet by almost 25%. Also, the Ted low-cost subsidiary will be gone.


The good news: despite the whining from the homophobes, California Supreme Court will NOT stay its ruling on gay marriage, which means the wedding bells will start to ring as scheduled on June 17th. This will work out well for the supporters of marriage equality, as once California voters see happy gay couples getting married - and don't see the sky fall - they are less likely to vote for the homophobes' constitutional amendment. Although Sarah will be safe because her marriage to Kirsten is technically heterosexual, continued legalization of gay marriage will nevertheless be a symbolic victory for her.


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