15 May 2008

Gay Marriage Legal in California

This is a topic dear to Sarah's heart, so I will discuss it...

The California Supreme Court has declared Proposition 22, the gay marriage ban, unconstitutional, in a 4-3 ruling this morning. In 30 days, same-sex couples will be able to get marriage licenses throughout California.

I do not know if this ruling applies retroactively to the 2004 San Francisco gay marriage licenses, which Sarah and Kirsten got. (They entered a heterosexual marriage anyway.)

However, it bears remembering that federal law still does not recognize gay marriages, so these marriages have no federal benefits.

Also worth mentioning is the constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, which may appear on the November ballot, and will have strong support from Southern California's immigrant communities. Unclear is whether this year's legal gay marriages will be voided by this new ban, if passed; it will need a court ruling later on.

SF Gate

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