21 April 2008

Transamerican Love Story Finale - Spoiler Alert

I finally got to watch the finale, and had some thoughts.

Jim was sent home early, because Calpernia didn't find the chemistry. I personally liked Jim, however, even though he has residual issues that transpeople, including Calpernia and me, tend to carry. I do wish Jim all the best as he plots his life forward - and that he and Calpernia can work together to further the causes of the trans community.

It was Mike who brought the painful reality of religion into play. Mike played up his Christian background, believing that Calpernia, due to her own Christian background, would be drawn to him over atheist Shawn. But it backfired against Mike in the end, since Calpernia rightfully recognized that she would not be able to fit into many of his social functions. Calpernia must have a lot of hurt from being rejected from her own Christian extremist family, and Mike should've recognized that. Religion is always a touchy issue with transpeople.

That leaves Shawn, whose own issues include his own family and friends not quite ready to meet with Calpernia. But it was he who won Calpernia's heart. Here's Shawn's blog of first-hand accounts from the show. Congratulations, and good luck.


And of course, I've said this numerous times already, but I can't wait for a second season - and this time, it's gonna have to be lesbian-themed.

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