28 March 2008

Two classes at once!

I changed my mind, and went ahead and registered for the UCLA Extension course "Writing for Social Change." All the things I've been writing here lately about gay marriage and other passionate topics have led to this decision. That's two classes for me this spring. As of today, I am confirmed for both classes.

It won't be easy, but I am ready and willing to take on both classes.

With so many ideas that I've been brainstorming lately (thanks to a new scope of Sarah's story), at least some of these need to make their way to the written form. The memoir course will help me with the format and outline, and the social change course will make those points more poignant as I write them out. Might as well take the classes when I feel motivated, as in now.

It will help that I will be able to work undisturbed on both of these classes this spring, with my folks being in Alaska for much of the class duration (and even when they are not, I am spending 5 days in the Washington, DC area). This will also be the time when I take out the flight attendant career guide I recently bought, for fact-checking, as well as the Helen Boyd book She's Not the Man I Married, for inspiration.

Of course, it won't hurt that I will be working with instructors I already know - and have had good chemistry with. Some instructors don't have good chemistry with me, and can really drag my experience down, but that won't be an issue this time, which will really help me out as I immerse myself in two fast-paced classes.

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