14 March 2008

On a different note...

My third post today already, after weeks of inactivity. And this changes subjects completely.

I've known for ages that Sarah loves leggings. They remind her of the looks popular during her high school years, when she was still Sanford and couldn't wear any female fashions. Sarah immediately buys a pair in 1995, when she starts living fulltime as a woman. And when leggings come back into fashion in 2006, Sarah takes out her old pair - and buys a few more.

For the same reasons, I myself wore leggings (actually, footless tights) quite a few times in the last year or two. I also like the fact that they pack easily into my travel luggage - even with the added bulk of the tunics that go with them.

But that may change soon. One person who's worked this leggings trend to death is Lindsay Lohan, wearing them just about 24/7 everywhere. And word has it that Lindsay, running low on money, will turn her love of leggings into a business, selling her own line of leggings. I think this is insanity, and my prediction is that the Lindsay Lohan line of leggings will get everyone sick of the trend (already many are sick and tired), and kill the trend entirely.

Time for Sarah and me to look for another trend to follow (or set).


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