16 February 2008

Some observations today

I have arrived in Orlando, aboard a United Airlines 757 in first class. Since it's Martha's primary aircraft and Sarah will work it often too, I needed to make some observations regarding protocols aboard the aircraft:
  • Unlike on international flights, domestic first class doesn't address passengers by name.
  • There are five flight attendants on the aircraft. The purser and one other work first class, while the other three work economy.
  • The first class meal service consists of three courses: appetizer of peanuts, a choice of two main entrees, and ice cream for dessert. Frequent drink service also happens. Utensils are all metal and china. Linen tablecloths are also provided, as are hot towels.
  • The lavatory between first and economy cabins is used by economy passengers only. First class passengers must use the lavatory next to the cockpit.
  • Speaking of the lavatory, access may be blocked by a barrier, between the first class cabin and the front galley, put up by the purser, whenever the cockpit door is open. I've never seen this wire barrier until today.
That's about it for today. Today's purser, an older gentleman, was not the most competent there was (he started the movie too late, and fumbled through a few of the announcements), but he made my flight very enjoyable anyway.

Glad to be in Orlando in any case, and hoping to make it a writing retreat that I intend it to be, in addition to a business trip and a vacation. For tonight though, I'll hit the sack early, to prepare for Disney's Animal Kingdom tomorrow morning.

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