06 December 2007

Travel Update

It looks like Carla's crossdresser boutique, where Sarah gets her breast forms and wig to start living as a woman, will be closed for the holidays, during my visit to the Bay Area. Bummer.

I may check with TGSF and the San Francisco Gay Center on what kinds of activities may be happening during my visit. I'll also visit the museum at San Francisco International Airport, to check out new aviation exhibits that may be relevant to Sarah.

If all else fails, there is the Unitarian Church in Berkeley...

I'll also make sure to throw in activities that will help my own state of mind, such as a few museums, as well as visits to my old hangouts in Contra Costa County (and weather permitting, an all-day trip to the redwoods).

Update: I'll try to go to San Francisco's public library and its LGBT department. I might come across a few books that may spark an inspiration. I may also attend a multi-faith holiday music concert by San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus, on Christmas Eve at Castro Theatre. The ideas keep building on...

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