22 December 2007

San Francisco... again

I have arrived in San Francisco, and have just spent an hour at the Asian Art Museum, where I looked at some Tibetan, Chinese, and Japanese Kwan Yin statues - and thought of Sarah, for whom Kwan Yin will hold a significance after she learns of her during her Asian assignments.

Now, I have come next door, to the San Francisco Public Library, where I briefly stopped at the Hormel Gay & Lesbian Center and its reference section. Lots of interesting titles, though the only book I really spent time reading was Helen Boyd's My Husband Betty, more of a crossdresser book than a full-time transition book.

I couldn't find a transgender novel or anthology here, and would love for a few - including Perfect Girl, when it's completed and published, to be here.

I will go back to the Hormel Center before leaving the library and hitting the rest of town. It is a bit brisk but a wonderful day, and I am glad to be back in San Francisco.

And one more thing - last night, as I passed the airport and caught the sight of the United Airlines hangar, I could feel Sarah's breath and presence again - and it was sign that I had finally arrived. Despite the negative experiences of my own here in the Bay Area in the past (some of which translated into Kirsten's experience), it's always so refreshing to be back.

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