13 July 2007

Transgender abuse in NYC

Although the stories told below by two transgender women to Amnesty International have not been confirmed, there are too many such stories coming out of NYC, and I assume most, if not all, to be true, thanks to the transphobia of the Rudy Giuliani years persisting even today.

Recently, I've been given action alerts from Amnesty International regarding the stories of these women, Mariah Lopez and Christina Sforza, who allegedly suffered abuse at the hands of the NYPD.

I am well convinced that since Lopez was a Latina and Sforza was biracial, the cops really went at them. They would not have gone after older white "respected" transgender women, such as Ann Coulter. And if Coulter suffered through the same indignities, the news media would've been all over the incident, whereas these nonwhites are being considered disposable and not worth police protection.

It is also noteworthy that New York is home to many Jamaicans, who have a very barbaric culture that considers killing transgenders a cool sport. In my novel, a Jamaican cab driver will kill Sarah's first love interest Martha. Unfortunately, Los Angeles, where I am, is not much better; the police force has its problems, and Los Angeles is home to barbaric Central Americans whose home countries love to murder LGBTs at will. (Amnesty International also has plenty of reports on these atrocities by Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua.)

I sincerely hope that Rudy Giuliani's presidential bid will fail. If he succeeds George W. Bush, then the entire transgender population of the US is in grave danger, and I will have to follow Sarah's footsteps north.

Amnesty International USA

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