30 July 2007

Happy 31st, Kirsten!

My genetic female, half-white alter ego, Kirsten, who also ends up as Sarah's love interest and eventual wife, turns 31 tomorrow.

Tomorrow, it will be exactly three years to the day when I went to a weekend course at UCLA Extension, and created Kirsten from scratch, based on my own traits. Of course, then I attempted to write a story around her - but it ended up being Sarah's life story instead!

Life has changed a lot over the years for Kirsten - instead of making it big as a Los Angeles screenwriter driving a BMW, she will be a technical writer extraordinaire in Seattle and Vancouver, driving something else (although I considered SAAB at first, I am now leaning toward an Audi). These changes mirror current events and my feelings towards them, as I keep tweaking her to represent me as much as possible.

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