07 September 2006

More complications!

As I keep thinking, Sarah's great-grandfather Sanford and grandfather Warren turn up as complications.

Because of this, I don't think I can turn Sarah's family into a Canadian one. Great-grandfather Sanford will still be English, and will still move to the US. Grandfather Warren will still be a Korean War vet, having served in the US Air Force and flown the F-86; these elements are important in order to set up Sarah's interest in aviation, and her relationship with Kirsten.

I guess the circle is broken then. Perhaps re-writing the intro will allow me to re-organize the storyline and my thoughts. The best I could do would be to tie some elements of Vancouver and London together; for example, Sarah could narrate as she sits on the grass at Stanley Park on a sunny day, and that could remind her of a long-lost sunny day in London's Hyde Park - especially as the red double-decker tourist buses zoom by.

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