15 August 2006

Getting the rhythm back

No, I haven't done ANY concrete writing since my last post.

However, my novel is calling out to me again. I have finally gotten enough energy back to actually go back and re-read the material that I had cranked out in my last novel class - and abandoned ever since. Sarah is creeping back into my dreams, for the first time in months. I actually managed to spend most of the day today, thinking about Sarah, the big (and not so big) moments of her life, and even the details of her physical appearance.

Even as I spent last night browsing Canadian clothing stores' websites for shopping ideas (for my Vancouver trip next month), I was just as likely to picture Sarah in the clothes I browsed, as I would picture myself. Honestly, a good icebreaker for me right now would be to write out the descriptions of typical outfits for Sarah, starting from her first days as a woman through today. Honestly, I want to give Sarah a head-to-toe 1980s dancer look right now (it's back in fashion anyway!), as her "revenge" for her not being able to wear the look in her childhood. After all, I feel the same way about 1980s fashions.

While at it, I need to come up with Kirsten's fashion sense as well - a look that stays hyper-feminine and dressy, yet trendy and natural. It's very difficult to come up with two distinct looks that both represent my personal preferences and whatever trends happen to be current - AND still stay distinct. I'll see what I can come up with.

And as I get back to writing, I am noticing that UCLA Extension is now offering the fall installment of Novel III, with a new instructor. Class starts in October. I will sign up soon, even though I am a bit short on money due to my Canadian vacation and the purchase of a big-ticket item.

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