23 May 2006

This weekend

I've been quiet on this blog lately. I've been concentrating on the writing itself as the class progresses, but after a harrowing experience at the beginning of the month, I'm feeling a bit exhausted.

Fortunately, this weekend will be my long-planned trip to the Bay Area. My novel-related activities will include a repeat visit to the Oceana High School campus, as well as a visit to nearby Skyline College, where Sarah gets a 2-year degree. I will also finally get to walk the streets of Berkeley and Oakland, where Sarah's personal life unfolds - and she falls in love with Kirsten. Since Kirsten is really my alter ego, my presence in Berkeley is the closest thing there is to making her real.

I decided to scrub my plans to visit transgender nightclubs, due to the sleaze factor. However, I will most likely visit a Sunday night support group in Berkeley.

The rest of the (non-novel-related) plan, including visits to Sonoma Valley and Santa Rosa as well as my former Concord hangouts, will go as planned.

This will be a very rejuvenating trip, I hope.

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