27 May 2006


Here are some photos I just took today, which pertain to Perfect Girl.

From my hotel, I can see Sarah's home base - United Airlines' San Francisco hub. The hangar is prominent, and I can even spot some planes at the terminals, though United's gray paint job on its planes washes out right into the buildings.

Kirsten came here, the Downtown Berkeley BART station, to commute to her Financial District job every day. Today, I was here, in one of Kirsten's trademark miniskirt suits.

After a lunch in Berkeley, I returned to San Francisco, where this homophobic pastor greeted tourists at the cable car terminal on Market Street. Sarah and Kirsten will be incensed by homophobes like this, especially in ethnic communities.

Just down Market Street is this enormous rainbow flag, which anchors the Castro District, the gayest neighborhood of San Francisco - or any US city. Castro is home to San Francisco's Gay Center, which becomes Sarah's next employer when she is laid off from United.

In Castro, even the trash bins have rainbow flags on them. Sarah, as a proud baby dyke, will love this.

In contrast to the pastor at the cable car terminal, this church proclaims the "all-inclusive love" of Christ. Although I have left the Christian faith, I am planning on Sarah becoming a liberal Christian, and attending a Unitarian congregation in Berkeley (where she meets Kirsten).

I expect to have more pictures tomorrow, as I expect to return to Berkeley late in the day.

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